Xerium has launched a Global Sustainability Program. The GSP is founded upon recognized Sustainability principles surrounding the triple bottom line of People, Planet, and Profit.

Xerium believes that how nations, companies and individuals respond today to the sustainability challenges that are facing us may have a strong impact on our quality of life in the 21st Century and beyond.  As we evolve with the sustainability challenges that confront us it is important that we carefully plan for how we will integrate social and environmental responsibility, and business ethics into our daily operations and personal lives. In 2014 Xerium initiated a multi-year effort to establish a formal sustainability program. Some of the key performance indicators that the company plans to monitor are: Safety, Environmental Compliance, Green House Gas Emissions, Energy & Water Consumption, and Waste.

In celebration and support the 44th Anniversary of Earth Day around the world, each Xerium location was asked to plant a small tree or shrub.

Earth Day Middletown


Earth Day Duren


Earth Day Japan


Earth Day China


Earth Day Brazil


Concord, New Hampshire Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan




Xerium SafetyComplementing our sustainability initiative is our Global Safety program with the vision to:

  • Ensure that every Xerium Location strives for injury-free performance
  • Ensure that every Xerium employee is engaged in continuously improving safety and sustainability performance
  • Establish Xerium as a recognized global leader in safety performance

For more information contact your local Xerium representative today or email us here.