Xerium Introduces Maximus - A New High-Performance Press Felt Portfolio

Xerium recently introduced Maximus - a totally new portfolio of press felt technology for today’s most demanding press positions. Maximus’ unique single-base structure design with lower fabric caliper delivers immediate start-up without the typical long break-in periods often required for conventional technology. In addition, its innovative drainage channels and special warp-bound weave concept provide maximum dimensional stability and compaction resistance which ensures high-performance dewatering, longer running life and excellent end-product quality. Maximus technology is ideal for machines producing containerboard, packaging, and graphical paper grades.  Benefits include: 

  • Faster start-up

  • Enhanced, consistent dewatering

  • Improved width stability

  • Increased compaction resistance for extended life potential

  • Optimized runnability due to single base fabric technology

  • Twisted yarns in MD and CMD ensure best-in-class batt anchorage 

  • Ideal upgrade for laminated designs 

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Patented EnerVent Roll Grooving Technology Saving Customers $ Millions!

Stop letting your conventional roll cover technology "pinch" your profits!

This revolutionary, and now patented, roll venting technology continues to build on its well-documented success around the world...and is only available from Xerium! 

  • improves post-pressure roll consistency and overall drying rate
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves production output
  • Improves sheet quality, uniformity


Xerium Introduces New TransForm Forming Fabric Technology for Paperboard & Packaging

TransFormTM, is a new generation of forming fabric technology specifically designed for paperboard and packaging machines.  Utilizing new proprietary polymers and structural designs, TransForm is already helping customers lower energy consumption more by than 15 and extending fabric life 15 - 25%. TransForm also helps maximize production through higher drainage rates with best-in-class sheet quality and superb dimensional stability.  

TransForm forming fabrics have been tailor-made for every type of board and packaging former: fourdriniers, twin wire formers, top formers, gap formers, and multiply formers.

TransForm technology is applicable for machines producing paperboard, containerboard, fluting/corrugating, linerboard, kraft bag, liquid packaging board, food and beverage containers, bleach board, white top paperboard, boxboard, and other related sub-grades.

Xerium’s Kentville, Canada Forming & Dryer Fabric Plant Featured on Nova Scotia’s Valley REN Website

Xerium's Kentville, Canada plant was recently featured on Nova Scotia's Valley REN website

The video highlights the technical nature of producing the numerous complex products for customers around the world.  Recent investments at the Kentville plant have provided the ability to produce very sophisticated forming fabrics and dryer fabrics for some the industries most demanding machines which produce tissue, paperboard, paper, and pulp.

Xerium Introduces New ProGloss Composite Roll Cover Technology for Demanding Calender Applications

ProGloss composite roll covers utilize the latest composite technology to deliver the industry’s leading combination of wear resistance, impact resistance, and durability while generating industry leading gloss level for all calender applications. This cover family also maintains the best-in-class ductility of Xerium’s roll cover options. ProGloss covers deliver superior gloss to most any calender application. ProGloss covers incorporate a newly developed epoxy matrix and filler materials enabling improvements in gloss sustainability, run time and barring resistance while maintaining extreme resistance to damage.

  • ProGloss BR – Barring Resistant Cover – Utilizing a newly developed hard epoxy matrix providing improved properties that deliver superior barring resistance and extended cover life.
  • ProGloss XT – Extra Tough, Extra Life Cover – Incorporating a new, harder and more wear resistant nano-filler material to deliver the highest ductility and flexural strength with high filler ratios providing industry-leading life potential.
  • ProGloss XS – Extra Smooth Cover – A new epoxy matrix ensuring ductility and flexural strength with high filler ratios, thereby delivering superior cover smoothness with enhanced wear resistance.

Xerium Introduces EnerSoft TS Roll Cover Technology for Tissue Machines

Maximum Performance - Reduced Energy

EnerSoft TS combines advanced polyurethane materials technology, innovative venting patterns, and proprietary roll manufacturing techniques to deliver maximum machine performance, reduced energy consumption, with consistent performance over the life of the cover. EnerSoft TS is available in several hardnesses for virtually any pressure roll application.

  • Extremely durable with the most stable grooving ever developed.
  • Consistent roll cover hardness delivers sustainable performance and economic life.
  • Increased post pressure roll consistency and improved pressure uniformity with combinations of suction, blind drilled and grooved venting technology.
  • Improved dewatering for reduced energy consumption and maximum machine performance.  

Xerium Introduces Innovative Impulse Shoe Press Belt Technology

Impulse shoe press belts provide a durable solution for the rugged service requirements of modern high speed, highly loaded shoe presses. Xerium, a trusted supplier of durable polyurethane products for the paper industry, uses advanced technology in the Impulse shoe press belt. 

Best-in-class polyurethane from roll cover technology completely encapsulates the embedded reinforcement to provide excellent dimensional stability and long life. 

In addition, proprietary venting technology is used to deliver highly efficient dewatering and ensure optimal performance.

Applicable on all shoe press positions on every grade and machine, there is an Impulse shoe press belt for your most demanding positions.

Xerium Introduces AirMaxx Through-Air-Drying Fabric Technology for Tissue Machines

The AirMaxx T.A.D. fabric portfolio includes designs with the ideal topography options to optimize sheet softness, maximize sheet bulk, and improve machine efficiency. AirMaxx is also engineered with an exceptionally strong seam design and enhanced edge reinforcements for dependability, stability, and long economic life.

Unlike conventional T.A.D. fabrics, AirMaxx seams do not use glues, coatings, or welds which can negatively influence performance and sheet quality.

Xerium is already a confirmed TAD supplier for a world-class tissue producer with AirMaxx technology.

New SMART Connect Makes Your Nip Analytics Available Anywhere, Anytime, and From Any Device!

SMART Connect now includes seamless connectivity to existing site computer systems with automatic data backup.  In addition, SMART Connect’s innovative new mobile monitoring capabilities provide the ability to monitor nip analytics from smartphones and tablets, at anytime, and from anywhere.  The system also provides the ability for collaborative review of the analytics with the customers’ and Xerium’s engineers.

SMART Connect can also estimate a machine’s financial cost savings opportunities by comparing the the actual nip conditions to an ideal condition based on key performance parameters.   

SMART Technology is Saving $ Millions For Customers!

With Xerium’s SMART® Technology, it’s never been faster or easier to analyze and optimize your machine for maximum productivity and cost savings!

SMART Technology is the ideal analytical tool to diagnose problems and tune your most critical nipped roll applications for maximum performance. 

It’s also the world's only real-time nip diagnostic tool for suction rolls!  SMART Technology is ideal for paper, paperboard, tissue, pulp, nonwoven, fiber cement, and other nipped roll machines. 

Xerium Inaugurates New Greenfield Machine Clothing Plant in Kunshan, China

Xerium formally opens its newest machine clothing plant in Kunshan, China October 2015.

This state-of-the-art production facility is strategically located to serve the Asia-Pacific market with the most modern, high-performance products available to today's market.

Aurora High-Performance Corona Treater Roll Cover

Developed by Xerium’s Stowe Woodward global research and product engineering team, Aurora technology is specially engineered for the most demanding corona treater roll positions in the flexible packaging industry: 

  • Ideal for treaters operating at the highest dyne levels
  • Performs well at very high voltage levels
  • Produces extremely uniform corona 
  • Extremely resistant to roll cover burn-through

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CemPress Drive Roll

CemPress polyurethane drive roll covers deliver excellent wear characteristics, even when processing the most abrasive fibre cement materials. In addition, the specially engineered compound delivers superior resistance to high pH and caustic chemical processes. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Superior resistance to high pH and caustic chemical processes
  • Excellent operational characteristics in both low and high temperature applications
  • Superior tensile, tear, elongation, and resilience properties deliver extended life potential and resistance to damage
  • Available in extended hardness range from 50-90 Shore A
  • Available in plain, grooved, or drilled patterns

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Adhesion is a Xerium innovation delivered in a treatment which delivers faster start-up cycles, increased production, and longer felt life on fibre cement felts. It is applicable for all Xerium FC felt products. Benefits include:

  • full machine speed from start-up
  • full production output over the entire felt life
  • easier felt cleaning
  • energy savings due to lower vacuum requirements

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Xerium’s new EnduraStar fibre cement felt delivers on both the requirements for a smooth surface and high MD strength retention for extended durability and life potential on the toughest Hatschek machines. Benefits include:

  • highest MD strength retention 
  • smooth and marking-free felt surface
  • easier cleaning
  • increased felt life potential

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The Huydura family of dewatering wires provide the industry's most advanced technology for double-wire presses, twin-wire presses, and alkaline chemiwasher applications. Huydura’s versatile design range also includes both endless belts and seamed versions that were previously unavailable for all of your most demanding process machines. Huydura consists of three major product groups based on the warp concept:

- Huydura AP designs based on the 0.72 mm warp
- Huydura HD designs based on the 0.90 mm warp
- Huydura XL designs based on the 1.20 mm warp

Benefits include:

  • full use of press loading potential
  • excellent dewatering rates with sheets weights up to 3,000 gsm
  • high fiber retention rate
  • outstanding life
  • user friendly and resilient seam capability

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* NEW * SMART® Technology for Suction Roll Applications

For the first time ever you can now:

  • Identify and improve CD moisture profile
  • Identify and improve sheet edge issues
  • Understand profile changes with Yankee dryer steam pressure and surface temperature changes
  • Monitor felt performance through out life
  • Integrate SMART® data with other process tracking systems
  • optimize roll cover and clothing life

Ideal for Tissue Applications 
Operates directly against your Yankee dryer and for the first time enables real-time correlation of:

  • Identify and improve CD moisture profile
  • Nip pressure vs. crepe and hand feel
  • nip pressure, nip width and MD pressure profile
  • Profile vs. Yankee pressure
  • Nip width vs. sheet properties
  • Influence of vacuum on pressure roll deflection

Available in All Suction Roll Single & Multi-nip Applications Nip pressure vs. crepe and hand feel

  • The ability to profile both nips in multi-nip applications
  • The ability to make crown or load corrections to achieve uniform nip profile

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Engineered for high speed, low energy tissue pressing performance, EnerVent venting technology allows the tissue maker to increase post pressure roll consistency through grooved and drilled venting patterns in their Xtreme TS and other Stowe Woodward rubber pressure rolls, without significant loss of cover life. Results have shown potential for as much as 2 to 3 points in post pressure roll consistency improvement allowing substantial hood temperature reduction and speed increase. Benefits include:

  • increased post pressure roll consistencies
  • lower hood temperatures and reduced energy consumption
  • increased machine speeds

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Hyperstar XLS

Hyperstar XLS is the newest member of the industry-leading Hyperstar family of products. It is the ideal solution for the most demanding soft size press, film coaters, smoothing press, breaker stack, top and center press applications. Benerfits include:

  • smooth surface finish
  • softer cover material for heavy coat weight applications
  • outstanding film control
  • excellent mark resistance with extreme toughness to withstand damage from wads and wraps for this hardness range

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This latest innovation based on the highly successful EDC family of forming fabrics provides superior performance on the widest range of machines and applications. Benefits include:

  • excellent drainage, high performance
  • excellent sheet quality
  • long life potential

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ProSeam 3L

The ProSeam 3L seam felt is specially engineered for those demanding positions where handling high water volume and critical sheet properties are primary objectives. ProSeam 3L is a triple layer laminated construction providing 25% more void volume than conventional double layer designs. Its top cloth and specially engineered batt fibre deliver exceptional pressing uniformity with outstanding compaction resistance. Benefits include:

  • 25% more void volume for maximum water handling
  • easy and rapid seaming 
  • Endura-enhanced seam reinforcement and batt anchorage along with special wear resistant fibre for longer life

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Huyperm ES and ProSeam ES

ProSeam ES and Huyperm ES incorporate specially developed structures that are mechanically and thermally bonded forming a micro-fine surface structure delivering outstanding sheet smoothness and drying efficiency for the most demanding press applications. And with ES technology’s improved batt anchorage and surface resilience it is also ideal for those positions requiring high pressure cleaning showers. Benefits include:

  • improved sheet smoothness
  • improved drying efficiency, reduced energy cost
  • more resilient and resistant to surface damage from high pressure showering
  • ES felt technology available in endless and seam versions

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ProSeam CL

Xerium's new ProSeam CL is built specifically to deliver fast installation, excellent performance and economic life on cylinder board making positions. ProSeam CL incorporates custom plied monofilament machine direction yarns to provide the highest available seam strength on the market today. In addition, ProSeam CL is also engineered with Xerium’s Endura seam support technology to provide excellent resistance to flap wear. Benefits include:

  • up to 50% faster seaming 
  • up to 30% stronger seam
  • most resilient design and extended life potential for demanding cylinder making positions

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HuySpeed QS

HuySpeed QS incorporates the ideal combination of clearly defined drainage channels with precisely positioned MD and CMD yarns, with a uniquely developed hydrophilic felt structure. And with Xerium´s application expertise, the ideal water balance is achieved for immediate and consistent nip dewatering, high saturation and excellent moisture profiles. Benefits include:

  • fast machine start-ups
  • superb pressing uniformity for enhanced sheet quality
  • higher production output and efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption

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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond represents an entirely new generation of superior performance in polyurethane roll technology for the most demanding hard press nips. Benefits include:  

  • superior groove stability 
  • superior resistance to hydrocarbons and other chemical attack which contributes to cover swelling 
  • improved dynamic modulus for improved performance on the hardest nips 
  • includes FUSION bonding for 15% additional bond strength

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Genesis XTi and Genesis APi

Genesis' industry-leading nanoparticle cover technology delivers best-in-class toughness and durability while providing superior gloss for the most demanding supercalender and soft calender applications.

With industry's best fracture toughness, impact resistance, and exceptional abrasion resistance, Genesis
is extremely tough and has demonstrated superior performance in the most demanding calender
applications.  Benefits include:

  • superior gloss
  • superior toughness and outstanding recovery characteristics from on-machine denting
  • optimal abrasion resistance
  • outstanding impact resistance
  • ideal barring resistance
  • longest life potential

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