Xerium Launches QS Press Felt Technology

Exxact QS

Meeting the requirements of today’s demanding paper machines requires ingenious clothing technology to provide the highest performance right from the start. Exxact QS is uniquely engineered with a structural-bound press felt concept derived from forming fabric technology. In addition, the base fabric concept delivers immediate felt saturation by using hydrophilic components as part of the structure.

Key to success of Exxact QS is the combination between clearly defined drainage channels and application expertise. The goal is to achieve the ideal water balance for immediate and consistent nip-dewatering.

Benefits include:

  • immediate start-up
  • increased nip dewatering
  • uniform profiles
  • improved runnability
  • excellent printability
  • excellent dimensional stability


Axxelerator QS

Since Axxelerator is already engineered with a unique base fabric concept which combines the advantages of a flow-modulated sheet side surface with the drainage-stabilized bottom side, the all new Axxelerator QS has been re-engineered to a higher level of performance.

Axxelerator QS is designed with a very fine and smooth paper side, and highly hydrophilic components within the drainage-stabilized bottom side delivering immediate and consistent nip saturation.

Benefits include:

  • immediate felt saturation leads to shorter break-in time providing higher production during start-up 
  • increased nip dewatering improves self-cleaning effect of the felt
  • optimized printability and improved runnability due to flow-modulated drainage
  • substantial energy savings throughout the entire felt life


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Source: Xerium Technologies, Inc.