Xerium Launches FormFlexx EDC Forming Fabric


Today’s demanding paper machines require ingenious clothing technology to provide the highest performance and economic value right from the start. So building on the success of Formexx and Finetexx technology, Xerium engineers have now expanded the application scope for this exclusive EDC forming fabric concept with FormFlexx.

FormFlexx is specially designed for graphical and packaging grade machines where the ideal combination of drainage, retention, and fabric life are the principle objectives.



FormFlexx provides superior performance on the widest range of machines and applications:

  • The patented EDC (engineered drainage channel) structures offer the best sheet formation properties at highest drainage rates, by controlling initial drainage

  • CMD oriented paper side improves the hydrodynamic retention of fines and fillers

  • Wide operational window because of its high drainage capacity

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Source: Xerium Technologies, Inc.