New EnerVent Technology Reduces Energy Costs for Tissue Makers


EnerVent venting technology allows the tissue maker to increase post pressure roll consistency through grooved and drilled venting patterns in their Xtreme TS and other Stowe Woodward rubber pressure rolls, without significant loss of cover life. Results have shown potential for as much as 2 to 3 points in post pressure roll consistency improvement allowing substantial hood temperature reduction and speed increase. There is no longer a need to convert to polyurethane pressure roll covers, like Stowe Woodward Rebel, to run grooved pressure rolls for reduced drying costs.



EnerVent provides the most comprehensive performance package for your tissue machine:

  • Increased post pressure roll consistencies, some by as much as 2.5% points!
  • Lower hood temperatures
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Increased machine speeds, some by more than 250 FPM
  • Improved felt cleaning opportunities
  • More stable and sustainable pressing performance


EnerVent is the ideal venting solution for rubber tissue pressure roll applications. The proprietary (patent pending) engineered venting is designed with the correct effective void volume for high speed nip dewatering in the Yankee / pressure roll nip. The EnerVent system considers felt design, vacuum capacity and water handling capability, providing an engineered venting pattern of suction holes and grooves to achieve both maximum water removal and roll cover life.

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Source: Xerium Technologies, Inc.