Specialty Products

Xerium has been a long-time supplier for specialty products for a variety of textile applications.

Ironer & Press Clothing (Felts & Molletons)

Ironer Press Clothing

Xerium Fez Laundry Textiles - For Optimum Linen Ironing. 

Xerium produces superior textiles for demanding laundry/finishing applications, matching demands for resistance to temperature, hydrolysis, compaction and excellent surface quality with a series of special products of various weight categories. The range comprises Hallina Molletons, Polyester and Aramid needled felts and fabrics, and Fortafelt, an extremely strong felt, supplied in thicknesses from 14 to 17 mm.


Sammying Felts

Felts Sleeves and Sammying Felts for Leather

For decades, Xerium has been a preferred supplier to the leather industry, and has repeatedly adapted the range of products to the latest leather textile development standards.

To ensure careful but efficient treatment of the leather, both in the wet-blue area and in the finishing process, synthetic materials combined with state-of-the-art needling technology are utilized to create felts that maintain high surface quality and abrasion resistance. 


Sammying Felts

Pressure resistance and permanently high dewatering capacity

Felts for Ironing-Embossing


Felts must distribute uniformly press loads, to guarantee regular ironing and embossing features



Compacting Felt

Felts for Textile Finishing

Felt quality is crucial to the performance of a textile finishing machine.

Xerium works hand-in-hand with OEMs to create felts for maximum quality. We engineer our felts perfect surface quality, precise permeability or capability of insulation, optimum compaction rates as well as thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance.

Felts must be flexible in order to guarantee high shrinkage and stabilization rates, felt guidance must be facilitated.

Compacting2 (1)


Decatizing Felts


Felts must guarantee uniformity of surface, marking freeness, and dimensional stability. 

Felt for Transfer Printing

Transfer Printing
High temperature resistance felt must facilitate guidance.


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