Spreader Rolls

As the pioneer in the spreader roll industry, Xerium is still the recognized leader for quality spreader rolls used in the most demanding applications. For nearly a century, global papermakers have depended on our innovative Stowe and Mount Hope bowed spreader roll technology for web control and long life in paper and clothing applications.

There is a Xerium spreader roll solution engineered for your most demanding positions. More detailed descriptions are included below as well as product literature available for download.



Stowe Spreader Roll

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STOWE Spreader Roll

The Stowe Spreader roll is engineered to deliver maximum reliability and long life in the most demanding paper mill applications. The innovative designs and manufacturing methods used in the Stowe Spreader Roll reduce your overall operating costs, providing maximum performance and the best economic life where other spreader roll technology fails to perform.

Benefits include:

  • superior corrosion resistance
  • enhanced seal technology
  • comprehensive data package
  • Black Pearl super-performance sleeve technology

Bowed Roll MH Cropped

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Mount Hope Spreader Roll

Since Mount Hope introduced the first bowed roll over a half century ago, they have become basic operating equipment on all machines for most industries that process material in web form.  The Mount Hope Spreader Roll is designed to keep webs of all weights and types trouble-free under all processing conditions with extended life. Each roll is constructed with welded stainless ends, end shields designed to eject or fling out moisture that tends to collect in the roll end cavities, precision spools and high speed free-turning ball bearings.  

Benefits include:

  • available in fixed or adjustable axles
  • multiple mounting bracket configurations
  • an application for every part of the machine, wet/dry, standard/high temperature, and high speed

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