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Shoe Press Belts

Resistance - Stability - Life

Impulse shoe press belts, with improved embedding technology, provide a durable solution for the rugged service requirements of modern high speed, highly loaded shoe presses. Xerium, a trusted supplier of durable polyurethane products for the paper industry, uses advanced technology in the Impulse shoe press belt. 

Best-in-class polyurethane from roll cover technology completely encapsulates the embedded reinforcement to provide excellent dimensional stability and long life.

In addition, proprietary venting technology is used to deliver highly efficient dewatering and to ensure optimal performance.

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Impulse Shoe Press Belt

Applicable on all shoe press positions on every grade and machine , there is an Impulse shoe press belt for your most demanding positions.

Benefits include:

      • Best-in-class polyurethane provides increased abrasion resistance and reduced crack propagation

      • Reinforcing structure provides excellent structural stability and superior impact damage resistance Increased chemical resistance, and reduced deformation provides improved groove stability

      • Best-in-class flex fatigue in combination with low hydrolysis resulting in reduced swelling

      • Superior life potential 

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