Roll Covers

Since 1886, Xerium's Stowe Woodward division has been at the forefront of fabricating rubber, polyurethane, ceramic and composite roll covers for steel rolls used in the most demanding applications of papermaking and other industries. Papermakers rely on our roll cover technologies and roll refurbishment services to keep them in full production. Stowe Woodward uses data from paper manufacturers' monitoring systems to develop new materials that increase performance exponentially. No company has contributed more to the efficiency, reliability and productivity of today's high speed sheet and web industries.  

There is a Xerium roll cover solution engineered for your most demanding positions where product quality, machine efficiency and energy savings are prime objectives. More detailed descriptions are included below as well as product literature available for download.

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This revolutionary, and now patented, roll venting technology continues to build on its well-documented success around the world...and is only available from Xerium! Customers are reporting savings in the hundreds-of-thousands of dollars per year!

Conventional roll covers with narrow grooves tend to “pinch” under load, and become increasingly ineffective over time. This is because the bottom portion of the groove’s void volume is partially blocked and unavailable for water removal. The problem increases with softer roll covers, and cover swelling can further choke these narrow grooves rendering the cover ineffective. 

EnerVent, however, is engineered with wider grooves and shallower depths creating greater groove wall stability and void volume. EnerVent covers remain effective under load, with softer covers, and throughout the cover life. 

      • Improves post-pressure roll consistency and overall drying rate
      • Reduces energy consumption
      • Improves production output
      • Improves sheet quality, uniformity

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ProGloss composite roll covers are specially engineered using the latest composite technology to deliver the industry-leading combination of wear resistance, impact resistance and durability while generating superior gloss for all calender applications. ProGloss also maintains the best-in-class ductility of Xerium’s roll cover options. 

And ProGloss’ newly developed epoxy matrix and filler materials deliver improvements in gloss sustainability, run time and barring resistance while maintaining extreme resistance to damage.

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Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond represents an entirely new generation of superior performance in polyurethane roll technology for the most demanding hard press nips. Benefits include:  

  • superior groove stability 
  • superior resistance to hydrocarbons and other chemical attack which contributes to cover swelling 
  • improved dynamic modulus for improved performance on the hardest nips 
  • includes FUSION bonding for 15% additional bond strength


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Genesis XTi and Genesis APi

Genesis' industry-leading nanoparticle cover technology delivers best-in-class toughness and durability while providing superior gloss for the most demanding supercalender and soft calender applications.

With industry's best fracture toughness, impact resistance, and exceptional abrasion resistance, Genesis
is extremely tough and has demonstrated superior performance in the most demanding calender
applications.  Benefits include:

  • superior gloss
  • superior toughness and outstanding recovery characteristics from on-machine denting
  • optimal abrasion resistance
  • outstanding impact resistance
  • ideal barring resistance
  • longest life potential


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Hyperstar is a complete portfolio of industry-leading roll covers specially engineered for the most demanding soft size press, film coaters, smoothing press, breaker stack, top and center press applications. Benefits include:

  • smooth surface finish
  • softer cover material for heavy coat weight applications
  • outstanding film control
  • excellent mark resistance with extreme toughness to withstand damage from wads and wraps for this hardness range
  • extended cover life

Advanced polyurethane chemistry Roll Covers

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Quantum Xtreme

The advanced polyurethane chemistry allows Quantum Xtreme to run without water cooling at the highest PLI loads in the industry. Designed specifically for highly loaded presses, Quantum Xtreme has superior toughness and can tolerate significant abuse without failure or unscheduled removal from service. Compatible with Stowe Woodward’s SMART® Technology, Quantum Xtreme SMART covers provide the ultimate value to machine operations giving on-the-run nip profile data for maximum paper making efficiency.  Benefits include:

  • superior FUSION bonding, no water-cooling required
  • very stable dynamic properties, especially on highly loaded presses
  • SMART® Technology compatible for real-time pressing data and unsurpassed operator control

Superior Perfomance Polyurethane roll covers

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Embrace polyurethane roll covers deliver superior performance in tissue embossing, paper converting, laminating, film, textile and other industrial applications. This cool running high-strength cover will run in the toughest high speed applications. Benefits include:

  • superior abrasion resistance
  • tolerates aggressive embossing patterns 
  • excellent vibration dampening properties
  • low hysteresis for cool running on high speed applications

Increased fiber fraction and nanoparticle technology

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Gemini's increased fiber fraction and nanoparticle technology deliver exponential toughness and durability for the most demanding calender applications, while still maintaining superior surface finish. New Gemini nanoparticle covers feature the most advanced technology available for today’s high performance calenders and supercalenders. With more fiber reinforcement per cover surface area, Gemini
covers are extremely tough and have demonstrated superior performance in the most demanding calender
applications.  Benefits include:

  • greater abrasion resistance
  • increased durability
  • excellent impact resistance
  • toughest cover for the online calendar market

lumpbreaker applications

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Aquarius Armor

Aquarius Armor roll covers deliver long, constant, superior performance in the super-soft cylinder couch, extractor couch, and lumpbreaker applications. With Aquarius Armor, machine superintendents will now have a consistent nip pressure and performance throughout the life of the cover. The durable polyurethane shell of Aquarius Armor does not experience the wear seen by other soft polyurethane or rubber materials. Benefits include:

  • unique "Armor" polyurethane shell doesn't wear as rapid as soft PU or rubber materials
  • very resistant to chemical attack
  • excellent CD uniformity due to excellent abrasion resistance
  • long life potential due to constant diameter and hardness...predictable performance

extremly tough roll covers

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Superwear Xtreme

Superwear Xtreme covers are high-strength, extremely tough rubber materials that are cool running and maintain very stable nip conditions. Superwear Xtreme technology is tailored to specific cover application requirements to provide superior machine efficiency and sheet quality. Designed for toughness, bond strength, and nip uniformity, Superwear Xtreme roll covers provide superior running conditions and long life in felted press applications including highly loaded presses, high speed suction rolls, and super-soft drilled press covers. In addition, Superwear Xtreme is ideal to combine with SMART® Technology.  Benefits include:

  • wide range of hardness up to 90 P&J
  • Lifegard II base for non-water cooled operation at highest PLI loads
  • extremely cool running for highest bond strength for outstanding tolerance for biased loads 

superior nip conditions for tissue quality and machine efficiency

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Rebel pressure roll covers provide superior nip conditions for tissue quality and machine efficiency. Rebel is available in a wide hardness range and all venting combinations of suction, blind drilled and grooved. The excellent hardness stability of Rebel polyurethane assures a uniform Yankee/Pressure Roll nip over the life of the cover that is not typically achievable with rubber covers. Since the first installation in 2007, Rebel has opened the door to the future of Yankee pressure roll extreme performance covers.  Benefits include:

  • stable dynamic properties provide consistent pressure roll nip intensities for faster start-ups, and minimize process variability caused by summer to winter operating temperature changes
  • consistent roll cover hardness throughout the cover life delivers sustained superior nip conditions and tissue quality with less cross machine variability, increased drainage control and less variation of the nip peak pressures
  • superior tensile and tear strength greatly improve the damage tolerance compared to standard covers operating today, opening the safe operating window when the Yankee profile is difficult to match


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Hyperpress X and Xtreme TS

Hyperpress X is designed specifically for hardness stability using both material science and specific manufacturing methods. 

Xtreme TS is the industry's best overall performance rubber cover, combining the highest bond strength with outstanding hardness stability, abrasion resistance and damage tolerance. This long life cover runs extremely cool and maintains a very stable nip environment which makes it very tolerant of loading bias and localized overloads. It is also ideal for EnerVent grooving technology.


machine reliability and coater backing roll cover performance

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Multicoat HCX and Hypercoat

Multicoat HCX improves machine reliability and coater backing roll cover performance.  Its improved mark resistance and outstanding tolerance to impacts and wraps help maintain high coater efficiency and coating quality.  In addition to minimizing scoring and edge wear, its outstanding abrasion resistance enables Multicoat HCX to maintain profile longer than standard covers and to deliver extended run times.

Hypercoat delivers superior overall performance, combining outstanding mark, dent and scoring resistance with superior wear resistance. Hypercoat has already set multiple operating records and has reset the bar defining maximum performance. Hypercoat’s superior properties allow deckling, and minor coating build-up can be sanded off by hand with minimal effect on profile.  When maximum run time is required, Hypercoat delivers.        

Optimal Coating Adhesion

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Stargate II

Stargate II provides optimal coating adhesion and is achieved by precise engineering of roll surface energy, hydrophilic properties, and cover smoothness. Quick laydown and minimal misting ensure sheet release consistency without the sheet stealing that can cause sheet breaks. Benefits include:

  • extremely tough, long running cover able to withstand wraps, but is not abrasive to the metering element
  • improved release qualities over standard polyurethane covers
  • higher surface energy improves wet-ability for superior film carry, control of film split / misting and high coat yield


excellent performance for fabric

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Centurion roll covers provide excellent performance for fabric, felt and sheet carrying roll applications in both wet and dry positions. Designed for a broad range of environments, Centurion covers perform well at elevated temperatures, in dry static prone positions and in positions where doctoring is required. Centurion covers are available in plain, wormed and grooved configurations. Benefits include:

  • excellent wear resistance combined with a super-fine non-abrasive surface
  • excellent roll doctoring performance: reduced surface friction characteristics combined with the less abrasive, but highly wear resistant surface allows for clean doctoring when needed
  • outstanding  thermal conductivity properties help stabilize CD temperature profiles

Dynastar Pic

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Dynastar roll covers further advance the Dyna-X technology that has now provided superior life and performance to paper, fabric and felt carrying rolls for more than 15 years. Designed for the ultimate life in the most abusive carrying roll positions, Dynastar also provides new features that improve overall performance and expand the cover’s use from wet end through dry end machine applications. 

  • static dissipative (superior to “anti-static”) properties for use in dry applications
  • thermally stable to 230°F / 110°C for use in high temperature wet ends and other hot applications
  • 0-1 P&J, 100 Shore A hardness

Everguard Pic

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Everguard roll covers provide excellent performance for fabric, felt and sheet carrying roll applications in both wet and dry positions. Everguard covers are available in plain, and grooved configurations. Benefits include:

  • high value with good wear resistance
  • reliable bonding system for long life
  • low cost answer for wet end service rolls, dryer rolls, and paper carrying

Hydrelease Pic

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HydRelease roll covers provide superior life and outstanding sheet release in center press and other unfelted press roll applications. HydRelease covers are engineered using hi-tech materials to deliver outstanding wear resistance and life while providing superior sheet release.  The HydRelease surface maintains a high surface energy and a low water contact angle to assure complete wet out and uniform release.  These properties allow for consistent, reduced draws out of the press nip. Benefits include:

  • superior wear resistance maintains profile and surface finish
  • increased thermal conductivity helps flatten CD temperature profiles
  • high thermal stability for use in presses with steam boxes

Hydrespeed Pic

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HydreSpeed and HydreTec

HydreSpeed and HydreTec roll covers provide superior surface characteristics, performance properties and life to the size press, smoothing press, breaker stack, gloss calender and other pressing applications. With their performance distinguished only by expected life, both HydreSpeed and HydreTec are engineered with enhanced features to improve overall machine performance and sheet quality.


Prestige Pic

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Prestige is a versatile, workhorse cover delivering stable performance and long wear life in a broad range of press, size press, breaker stack, wire turning and other soft working roll applications. Superior chemical and solvent resistance as well as static dissipative properties makes Prestige the right choice for both wet and dry applications. Benefits include:

  • excellent mark and dent resistance for sizing and coating applications
  • superior material strength for damage prone roll positions
  • superior chemical and solvent resistance

Versatec (1)

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VersaTec is a general purpose rubber cover ideally suited for wire drive, felted press, size press, and coater applications. VersaTec is also available with suction and blind drilled venting. In addition, harder covers can be grooved. It is also fully compatible with optional Lifegard II high temperature base technology. Benefits include:

  • excellent material strength to withstand impacts
  • excellent mark and dent resistance
  • superior solvent and chemical resistance

Quantumaq R

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Quantum R and Aquarius R

Quantum R is designed for paper machine pressing applications, providing superior release performance in soft press, smoothing press, and calendar positions. The unique surface properties of Quantum R can release the sheet when other polyurethane or high release rubber covers fail to perform. 

Aquarius R provides the ultimate cover release surface for lumpbreakers and other extra soft sheet release cover applications. Combining high release additives to the natural superior release characteristics of Aquarius polyurethane, Aquarius R covers are a level above all others.

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