Press Felts

Xerium offers state-of-the-art press felt technology for every conceivable press configuration and paper grade. The innovative bases structures coupled with unique batt-making and needling processes deliver unprecedented performance results and long life. In addition, our global manufacturing footprint and teams of Applications Engineers ensure optimum performance!

There is a Xerium press felt design engineered for your most demanding positions where product quality, machine efficiency and energy savings are prime objectives. More detailed descriptions are included below as well as product literature available for download.



Press Felt techonolgy ProSeam 3L

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ProSeam 3L

The ProSeam 3L seam felt is specially engineered for those demanding positions where handling high water volume and critical sheet properties are primary objectives. ProSeam 3L is a triple layer laminated construction providing 25% more void volume than conventional double layer designs. Its top cloth and specially engineered batt fibre deliver exceptional pressing uniformity with outstanding compaction resistance. Benefits include:

  • 25% more void volume for maximum water handling
  • easy and rapid seaming 
  • Endura-enhanced seam reinforcement and batt anchorage along with special wear resistant fibre for longer life

 Inovative Press Felt Techonolgy Huyperm ES and ProSeam ES

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Huyperm ES and ProSeam ES

ProSeam ES and Huyperm ES incorporate specially developed structures that are mechanically and thermally bonded forming a micro-fine surface structure delivering outstanding sheet smoothness and drying efficiency for the most demanding press applications. And with ES technology’s improved batt anchorage and surface resilience it is also ideal for those positions requiring high pressure cleaning showers. Benefits include:

  • improved sheet smoothness
  • improved drying efficiency, reduced energy cost
  • more resilient and resistant to surface damage from high pressure showering
  • ES felt technology available in endless and seam versions

Rock -of -gibraltar

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ProSeam CL

Xerium's new ProSeam CL is built specifically to deliver fast installation, excellent performance and economic life on cylinder board making positions. ProSeam CL incorporates custom plied monofilament machine direction yarns to provide the highest available seam strength on the market today. In addition, ProSeam CL is also engineered with Xerium’s Endura seam support technology to provide excellent resistance to flap wear. Benefits include:

  • up to 50% faster seaming 
  • up to 30% stronger seam
  • most resilient design and extended life potential for demanding cylinder making positions

Tissue Machine Mit QSb5

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HuySpeed QS

HuySpeed QS for tissue machines incorporates the ideal combination of clearly defined drainage channels with precisely positioned MD and CMD yarns, with a uniquely developed hydrophilic felt structure. And with Xerium´s application expertise, the ideal water balance is achieved for immediate and consistent nip dewatering, high saturation and excellent moisture profiles. Benefits include:

  • fast machine start-ups
  • superb pressing uniformity for enhanced sheet quality
  • higher production output and efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption


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Booster, a start-up optimizing technology for Xerium felts, provides significantly shorter break-in time.  Comparatively, conventional felts can require to 2-5 days, Booster-equipped felts often go full speed in a couple of hours! Benefits include:

  • immediate saturation for incredibly fast start-up
  • increased efficiency
  • reduced energy consumption

Inovative press Felt Techonlogy Huyperm

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Huyperm-equipped felts provide the industry's smoothest and most uniform surface in press felt technology. Huyperm continues to produce the highest quality sheets while reducing energy consumption. Benefits include

  • ultra-high sheet contact and pressing uniformity
  • integration into the felt itself...not a spray-on additive
  • higher sheet quality and reduced energy consumption

Press felt inovative techonlogy ProSeam

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Xerium offers the broadest portfolio of seam felt technology in the industry. With single mono and plied mono variants in multiple layers, ProSeam is the proven performer for your most demanding positions. Benefits include:

  • rapid seaming
  • mark-free and long life potential
  • unique surface batt options for premium performance 

 nonwoven base press felt technology impact

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IMPACT nonwoven base press felt technology incorporates specially engineered hydrophilic materials to maximize felt saturation, thus providing immediate startup and maximum drainage. Benefits include

  • immediate felt startup
  • reduced energy consumption
  • improved efficiency

Huyspeed tissue felt technology

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Huyspeed tissue felt technology incorporates a unique combination of special base structures adapted to the specific needs of the machine with enhanced batt surface to deliver outstanding performance on the most demanding tissue applications. Benefits include:

  • improved sheet pickup
  • excellent pressing uniformity
  • reduced rewet for lower energy consumption

 double and triple layer base fabrics techonolgy

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The Huystar product family includes double and triple layer base fabrics which maintain integrity and excellent water handling even under the highest loads. Benefits include:

  • high stability and integrity
  • increased water handling
  • versatility across multiple grades

FloMaxx Press Felt Techonolgy  


Designed especially for the paperboard and packaging grades, the Flomaxx family of press felts incorporate a unique MD yarn and incompressible base structure for the most demanding water-handling positions. Benefits include:

  • high water handling and low flow resistance
  • excellent structural stability
  • excellent sheet finish

Axxelerator-QS Press Felt techonlogy

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Axxelerator QS

Axxelerator QS provides immediate start-up and superior dewatering right out of the box! This endless felt technology provides the ideal solution for third and fourth press positions and shoe presses due to maximized pressure transfer and optimized drainage channels. Benefits include:

  • immediate start-up excellent pressing uniformity
  • optimized printability and improved runnability due to flow-modulated drainage
  • substantial energy savings throughout life

uniquely woven base structure Exxact Qs

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Exxact QS

Exxact QS is a uniquely woven base structure ideally suited for early press positions on graphical grade machines where uniform sheet contact and high void volume are required. Benefits include:

  • immediate start-up with nip dewatering
  • excellent profile uniformity for printability
  • excellent stability and water handling

Press Felt Inovative Technology Capillaris

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The Capillaris product family offers a wide range of laminated press felt solutions (1+1; 1+2, 1+1+1), which are available for all press applications. Capillaris provides fine and marking-free top base fabrics covering a bottom base fabric which is customized to the position's requirements. Benefits include:

  • versatility on multliple positions and grades 
  • uniform pressing surface for quality sheet finish
  • high water handling base concept

Press Felt Inovative Technology CylinderMaxx



The CylinderMaxx family of felts is specially engineered for cylinder machines making board and packaging grades where sheet finish, water handling and seam integrity are primary concerns.  Benefits include:

  • very uniform pressing surface for excellent sheet properties 
  • base structure yields high water handling
  • strong seam and excellent flap for extended life potential

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