Forming Fabrics

From our game changing SSB product technology to our innovative EDC, Engineered Drainage Channel platform, our world-class forming fabric portfolio provides an exceptional range of products for every former configuration and paper grade in every global market.  

In addition, our global manufacturing footprint and teams of Applications Engineers ensure optimum performance!  

There is a Xerium forming fabric design engineered for your most demanding positions. More detailed descriptions are included below as well as product literature available for download.

Forming fabric technology for paperboard and packaging has been TransFormed.

 below for the details!


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Forming fabric technology has just taken a giant leap, and again from Xerium...the inventor of the modern synthetic forming fabric. 

TransForm is a new generation of forming fabric technology incorporating innovative new fabric structures with game-changing new materials delivering superior performance of your demanding paperboard and packaging grade machines. 

The TransForm portfolio includes designs specially engineered to maximize performance on all your machines’ unique fabric positions including fourdriniers, twin wire, top formers, gap formers, bottom ply positions, mid-ply positions, and the finest of top ply positions.

Benefits include:

  • Reduces energy consumption by more than 15%
  • Improves fiber retention by up to 15%
  • Extends fabric life by 15 to 25%
  • Delivers superior fabric stability
  • Enhances sheet drainage rates
  • Improves sheet quality & strength

Forming Fabrics FormFlexx Technology

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This latest innovation based on the highly successful EDC family of forming fabrics provides superior performance on the widest range of machines and applications. FormFlexx technology is proven successful on paperboard and packaging as well as graphical grades. Benefits include:

  • excellent drainage, high performance
  • excellent sheet quality
  • long life potential




This unique tissue fabric, U.S. Patent No. 8,196,613, offers top drainage performance for stronger yet softer tissue. It combines improved sheet forming and fiber retention with high dimensional stability and life potential resulting in optimized tissue machine runnability. Benefits include:

  • straight-through drainage for fast dewatering
  • highest FSI for excellent softness 
  • cleaner running with long life potential

forming fabric techonolgy HTX V2



The ideal forming fabric for most paperboard and packaging grades applications, especially where a smooth top surface and long life potential are desired. In addition, Cleanmesh yarn technology provides maximum resistance to premature fabric contamination. Benefits include:

  • excellent fiber support, sheet formation & tensile strength
  • excellent guiding and dimensional stability
  • cleaner running

Inovative Fabric Technology Finetexx



Meet the new king of performance for printing and writing papers. Finetexx is produced with the exclusive EDC technology
providing the ideal combination of high drainage rates with optimum sheet forming technology. Finetexx is also successful on many newsprint and tissue applications. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional sheet quality
  • higher sheet solids
  • lower energy costs & improved runnability

Forming Fabric Techonolgy formexx



With a totally new platform of forming fabric performance, Formexx's EDC structure provides a significantly improved initial sheet buildup leading to enhanced formation and retention at high drainage rates. Its versatility makes it an ideal solution across many grades and former configurations. Formexx is equally successful on paperboard and graphical grades. Benefits include:

  • high fiber support and improved sheet formation
  • improved sheet strength and porosity
  • cleaner running and higher life potential

Inovative fabric techonolgy huytexx



The patented SSB structure with its plain weave paper side guarantees high fiber support for best sheet quality and high drainage capacity at the same time. Introduced more than 10 years ago, Huytexx revolutionized forming fabric technology and continues to be well established in the market and successfully running on paperboard and graphical grades alike. Benefits include:

  • plain-weave top and straight through drainage
  • high fiber support and drainage rates
  • minimal interlayer wear for improved life potential

Inovative Forming fabric technology Graphixx



The Graphixx family of triple-layer forming fabrics for paperboard and packaging grades is specially engineered for demanding machine applications requiring sheet smoothness, uniformity, and durability. The patented weave technology provides uncompromised dimensional stability without interlayer wear. Benefits include:

  • enhanced formation and sheet quality
  • increased sheet porosity and strength
  • cleaner running with reduced chemical costs

Forming fabric techonolgy Titan Optikraft


Titan Optikraft

This forming fabric is specially engineered for paperboard and packaging positions requiring stability, high drainage capacity and optimized retention with long life potential. The proven Huytexx SSB structure combined with larger yarn diameters provide a robust and versatile triple-layer design. Benefits include:

  • high drainage rates for increased production 
  • high FSI for retention and sheet quality
  • rugged structure for economic life potential

Inovative Forming Fabric Techonolgy Contexx



Based on the successful and patented SSB concept, Contexx meets the needs of increased drainage capacity and raw material efficiency. In addition the long float running side structure provides outstanding stability and life potential and is ideally suited for both paperboard and graphical grades. Benefits include:

  • high retention with controlled drainage
  • uniform profiles due to rigid stability
  • long life due to high wear potential

Forming Fabric Techonolgy Opticel



Opticel is the ideal combination of sheet support and dewatering for pulp applications.  In addition, its rugged design and durability make it a proven platform for the most demanding machines. Benefits include:

  • best combination of FSI and drainage
  • clean running
  • excellent stability and economic life

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