Fiber & Stock Processing

Xerium offers a full line of machine clothing for fiber and stock processing. Our specially engineered portfolio includes Dewatering Wires and Dewatering Felts for every major machine configuration and stock condition in each global market.  Our global manufacturing footprint and teams of Applications Engineers ensure optimum performance!  

There is a Xerium design engineered for your most demanding positions. 


Dewatering felts



Dewatering Felts

For the stock preparation in the pulp & paper industry, Xerium offers a wide range of dewatering felts and Hydrogrooves for high-pressure positions, which are produced according to the "High Drainage" concept. Guided by special felt constructions, the excess water from the product sheet drains away quickly. Absorption threads eliminate the risk of rewetting. The product range includes felts of especially high inner volume and compaction resistance as well as pinseam felts.



Dewatering Wires



Dewatering Wires

Xerium dewatering wires are produced from special monofilament yarns providing economic life and excellent stability in an array of wear resistant designs. Our unique product portfolio has been developed in close cooperation with leading OEMs and yields excellent results under extreme conditions.

At the top of the portfolio are the seamed fabrics which deliver extraordinary dewatering performance which apply to most conventional machines as well as the new generation of fast running versions.

Applications: Dewatering of bleached / unbleached hardwood and softwood stocks and waste; sulphate pulp, sulphite pulp, pulp, CTMP, TMP, kraft and waste paper.

Machine types: double-wire presses, gravity tables, fourdrinier positions, pulp washers, drum filters, disk filters, high speed deink washers, and more.

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The Huydura family of dewatering wires provide the industry's most advanced technology for double-wire presses, twin-wire presses, and alkaline chemiwasher applications. Huydura’s versatile design range also includes both endless belts and seamed versions that were previously unavailable for all of your most demanding process machines. Huydura consists of three major product groups based on the warp concept:

- Huydura AP designs based on the 0.72 mm warp
- Huydura HD designs based on the 0.90 mm warp
- Huydura XL designs based on the 1.20 mm warp

Benefits include:

  • full use of press loading potential
  • excellent dewatering rates with sheets weights up to 3,000 gsm
  • high fiber retention rate
  • outstanding life
  • user friendly and resilient seam capability



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