Building Products

Xerium has long history as a top quality supplier for a variety of manufacturing processes in the building products sector.  

Our highly specialized portfolio includes woven and needled products for fiber cement applications, composite panel manufacturing, and for glass mat producers.  Our global manufacturing footprint and teams of Applications Engineers ensure optimum performance on each machine type!  

There is a Xerium design engineered for the most demanding positions.


Fibre Cement Felts

Xerium has developed and produced felts for the fiber cement industry since their invention in 1900 by the Austrian Ludwig Hatschek.

Whether for exterior or interior applications, specific fibre cement products such as roofing or siding shingles, siding boards and panels, or trim products require a felt that produces a mark-free and smooth surface.

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Xerium’s new EnduraStar fibre cement felt delivers on both the requirements for a smooth surface and high MD strength retention for extended durability and life potential on the toughest Hatschek machines. Benefits include:

  • highest MD strength retention 
  • smooth and marking-free felt surface
  • easier cleaning
  • increased felt life potential


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Adhesion is a Xerium innovation delivered in a treatment which delivers faster start-up cycles, increased production, and longer felt life on fibre cement felts. It is applicable for all Xerium FC felt products. Benefits include:

  • full machine speed from start-up
  • full production output over the entire felt life
  • easier felt cleaning
  • energy savings due to lower vacuum requirements




Huystar FC felts combine base fabrics made from robust monofilaments and batt structures engineered specifically for the most demanding fibre cement product requirements and machine conditions.

Porotwin FC felts combine base fabrics made from proprietary combination yarns engineered specifically for the most demanding machine conditions and fibre cement product requirements.

Porotherm and Porotherm Light
Producing corrugated fibre cement roofing and hand moulded special products or pipes requires a felt that is durable and imparts the proper surface texture to the product. These felts deliver outstanding interlaminar bonding. This results in excellent product stability and density. Porotherm and Porotherm Light felts are made from proprietary combination yarns that stand up to the most demanding machine conditions.

Thanks to more than 100 years of experience in the production of felts, Xerium has become the technical market leader and most demanded supplier of fiber cement felts in the world.

Fibre Cement Roll Technology

Cem Press

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CemPress Drive Roll

CemPress polyurethane drive roll covers deliver excellent wear characteristics, even when processing the most abrasive fibre cement materials. In addition, the specially engineered compound delivers superior resistance to high pH and caustic chemical processes. Benefits include:

  • Exceptional abrasion resistance
  • Superior resistance to high pH and caustic chemical processes
  • Excellent operational characteristics in both low and high temperature applications
  • Superior tensile, tear, elongation, and resilience properties deliver extended life potential and resistance to damage
  • Available in extended hardness range from 50-90 Shore A
  • Available in plain, grooved, or drilled patterns


Comp Panel

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 Huycon      Huycoil


Composite Panel

Xerium also supplies a complete line of fabric technology for the composite panel sector including machines producing ceiling and floor tiles, as well as MDF boards.

Our Huycon woven designs and Huycoil assembled spiral designs are ideal solutions for these machine applications.

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Glass Mat 

For the demanding glass mat machines, our Huyglass family of woven fabrics is ideal for the Forming and Saturator positions. 


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