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Xerium is a leading global manufacturer and supplier of specially engineered consumable products used in the production of pulp, paper and paperboard, nonwoven products, building products, and other specialty applications. Xerium products are focused in two key product classifications; woven machine fabrics, belts and felts, and, roll technology including roll covers and spreader rolls. Our products play key technical roles in the process by which raw materials are converted into finished products.

We employ our broad portfolio of patented and proprietary product and manufacturing technologies, as well as our extensive industry experience, to provide our customers with tailored solutions designed to optimize the performance of their equipment and reduce the costs of their operations. Our products are integral to our customers' product quality and manufacturing efficiency and are specifically designed to add value to the overall process. These custom product solutions are the result of a substantial investment in research and development and highly sophisticated manufacturing processes.

We have an extensive global footprint of 28 manufacturing facilities in 13 countries, strategically located in the major paper-producing regions of North America, Europe, Latin America and Asia-Pacific, and have approximately 2,900 employees worldwide. We market our products, primarily using our direct sales force, to leading producers.

About Xerium

Xerium International Headquarters

14101 Capital Blvd
Youngsville, North Carolina 27596

Phone: 919.556.7235, 1.800.932.8399
Fax: 919.556.1063

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