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  Stowe Woodward Overview
Since 1886, Stowe Woodward has been at the forefront of fabricating rubber, polyurethane, ceramic and composite covers for the steel rolls used in the most demanding applications of paper making and other industries. No company has contributed more to the efficiency, reliability and productivity of today's high-speed sheet and web industries than Stowe Woodward.

Papermakers and other manufacturers rely on Stowe Woodward to provide roll covers and quality services that have the performance and durability characteristics to improve sheet quality, increase productivity and lower production costs. Our roll cover products are designed to withstand the extreme temperature and pressure conditions of modern paper-making and manufacturing machines.

Stowe Woodward products are the result of considerable research and development and a sophisticated manufacturing process. Innovations include the Dri-Press engineered nips for more efficient dewatering and Comput-A-Cover technology for more accurate application of roll covers. Our PRAXAIR ceramic process increases the durability of roll coverings. Stowe Woodward's fiber-reinforced polyurethane belt optimizes quality and productivity in the wide-nip shoe press. We continue to exceed clients' expectations by using data from paper producers' monitoring systems to develop new materials that increase performance exponentially.

Stowe Woodward works closely with sister company Mount Hope, a leader in bowed roll technologies, to provide clients with unsurpassed quality and performance in their paper making and manufacturing machines. Mount Hope creates low-torque, high-performance bowed rolls with fewer bearings, automatic lubrication, lower energy consumption, and the Guardian continuous monitoring system.

Stowe Woodward and Mount Hope manufacture primarily in the United States with other operations worldwide.