Comprehensive mechanical services, including repair, rebuilding and replacement for all types of rolls are an integral part of Stowe Woodward's one-stop roll service.

Inspection, overhaul and repair services are available for roll shells, bearings and journals, housings, suction boxes and internal parts of all types of rolls including Crown Compensating rolls. Stowe Woodward also performs head fits and roll balancing, and fabricates new rolls, dummy end plates and other necessary small parts.

With the latest tools and diagnostic equipment, skilled Stowe Woodward technicians disassemble, clean and inspect all parts of the roll. Critical components are measured to ensure they meet specifications. Customers receive detailed inspection reports with recommended repair options and expected costs.

Roll cover patching services from Stowe Woodward help salvage and maximize cover life. Most repairs can be performed on-site, and are evaluated for viability and cost on a case-by-case basis.

Training seminars are available on-site or at one of Stowe Woodward's strategically located plants. Seminars are structured to meet the specific needs of customers. Topics range from roll rebuilding fundamentals and procedures specific to certain roll types to general topics such as grinding, balancing, roll handling and storage.