Nonwoven Industry Overview
Roll covers with exceptional release, high temperature resistance, superior dynamic properties and excellent thermal stability are essential to efficient nonwovens production.

Stowe Woodward engineered roll covers deliver optimum release, stand up to high temperatures and deliver the durability for long term economy.

Application specific cover development and in-depth knowledge of the nonwovens industry give Stowe Woodward an edge in developing innnovative covers for squeeze rolls, coating rolls, calender and embossing rolls that drive nonwoven productivity.

For spreading in cross-over direction to get an even web without creases, or to separate parallel running webs, Stowe Woodward offers spreader rolls for various applications.

Pad Squeeze
The pad squeeze roll extracts water or chemical solutions from the web.

The cover must have excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance, and retention of hardness in the presence of high temperatures and processing solutions. Roll hardening impacts nip width and pressure; and surface cracking will cause fiber pick-up on the surface of the roll.

The coating roll applies various solutions to the web.

Excellent wear resistance, chemical resistance and the ability to retain its hardness in the presence of high temperatures and processing solutions are essential characteristics of the roll cover.

The calender uses a bone hard cover to impart a surface finish and to obtain final web caliper.

Successful calender covers provide excellent wear and chemical resistance as well as retention of hardness in the presence of high temperatures and processing solutions.

The embossing backing roll is used to achieve the optimal nip pressure required to transfer the embossing pattern from the roll into the web.

An effective embossing cover resists heat, wear, and retains its hardness for the life of the cover.

The laminator roll generates the required nip pressure to ensure even and consistent web bonding in the lamination process.

The laminator roll cover provides high release to the bonding agent and resists heat, wear and retains its hardness for long service life.