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  Welcome to Stowe Woodward Europe
We have developed a new
compound for our rubber
blankets for making CLUPAK
Extensible Paper.
Stowe Woodward Europe delivers advanced
Roll Cover technology and application

Within every industry there is one company that sets the standards, develops and applies the technology and provides the reliable product source needed for industry growth. In the paper, film, foil, textile, nonwoven and various converting industries, Stowe Woodward is that company for roll covers, spreader rolls and services.

In the paper industry, papermakers rely on Stowe Woodward to create the performance and durability necessary for continuously improving sheet quality and increasing productivity. Stowe Woodward delivers leading edge technology in rubber, polyurethane, ceramic and composite covers for the most demanding applications.

For spreading in cross-over-direction of running web in paper, textile, foil and other industries, Stowe Woodward delivers spreader rolls (as bowed rolls or straight rolls) in order to obtain an even web without creases and for separating parallel running webs. Stowe Woodward also services all types of spreader rolls.

The pace of new technology has quickened. Computerized monitoring systems now measure, record and predict the effectiveness of nips and even the performance of roll covers on the run.

Stowe Woodward engineers respond to the information from this data with new materials such as nanotechnology-based composite covers that deliver exponential increases in performance properties.

Stowe Woodward has committed the resources to innovative technologies that increase productivity and lower the cost of papermaking.