Paper Machine Clothing
Machine clothing products are highly engineered synthetic textile belts that can be up to 140 meters long and 12 meters wide. The clothing carries paper web along the length of the paper-making machine as it is processed. Clothing plays a significant role in the forming, pressing and drying stages of paper production. Since clothing products are consistently in contact with the paper surface, they also have a critical impact on the quality of paper produced.

Xerium's business units of clothing products are designed to withstand extreme temperature and pressure conditions, and are the result of considerable research and development and a sophisticated manufacturing process. Since there is no standard size of machine, clothing products are custom made to each paper-making machine.

Clothing wears down over time and must be replaced regularly in order for paper producers to sustain high quality paper output and operate efficiently. Paper producers must typically replace clothing every one to twelve months.

Many of Xerium's press felts are made using Weavexx's exclusive Huyperpunch-D technology, and are producing unprecedented process and quality improvements on the most demanding paper making machines. Huyperpunch-D technology uses elliptical beam movement synchronized with felt movement and angular needling to provide a better draining perforation. Customers report reduced energy costs while drying and improved sheet quality when using Xerium press felts with Huyperpunch-D technology.