Engineered Fabrics

In addition to traditional paper machine clothing, Xerium has introduced a wide variety of uniquely designed woven fabrics for other industrial and commercial applications such as building products, pulp and stock dewatering, nonwoven fabric manufacturing, and various types of industrial waste filtration. Through our global network of manufacturing and sales-service teams, Xerium continues to develop and deliver premium technology products for the most demanding commercial applications. Xerium's R&D teams are closely involved with leading OEM's and machine suppliers thereby enhancing our product development while speeding
new product deployment to our customers.

With our well-established track record for
innovation, our patented products are providing
documented benefits for discerning industrial
and commercial customers.

Major trade names include: Huydrain, Huydura,
Hydrogroove, Huyyield, Huycon, Huycoil,
Huybond, Huytan, Huytex, Huycell, Huyseam,
Flomaxx, ProSeam, Celumesh, Opticel, Porotwin,
Porotherm, Huystar, Espiralmesh, Fez
laundry textiles.
Xerium also provides many of these products with seam configurations helping customers to drive down cost while
increasing operator safety.

Major applications include:

Pulp and Stock

  • Dewatering wires and felts for:
    • Pulp drying lines
    • TMP-lines
    • Wet-lap lines
  • Special wires and fabrics for:
    • Chemi-Washers
    • DNT-Washers and Variosplits
    • Gravity tables
    • Disc filter bags
    • Lime mud filters
    • Forming roll covers
    • Industrial and municipal waste water treatment lines
    • Conveyors & carriers

Building Products

  • Fiber Cement
  • Composite panels
  • Glass Mat
  • Ceiling & Flooring


  • Conductive and non-conductive special belts for:
    • Spunbond
    • Meltblown
    • Airlaid
    • Hydroentangled
    • Carded/Hydroentangled
    • Conductive spinning and formation belts


  • Special felts for:
    • Textile and leather finishing (compacting & ironing, embossing & ironing, sammying)
    • Laundry ironers