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Introducing SMART Connect Technology! 

SMART Connect with mobile device support, enhanced collaboration, and real-time value opportunities functionality is now available!

From THE PIONEERS of Intelligent Nip Technology with over 650 systems around the world!

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* NEW * SMART® Connect Technology

SMART Connect is the most advanced and comprehensive nip monitoring system available to help you improve the performance of all your nipped roll positions, including suction roll and tissue Yankee applications.

SMART Connect comes with its own integrated computer system that controls monitoring, retrieving, saving and displaying data, processing real-time calculations and more.

SMART Connect is simple to install and connect to any existing computer on site. And with the new Value Calculator feature, SMART Connect provides a quick glimpse of your machine’s biggest savings opportunities for actionable decision-making.

SmartTechnology suction roll applications

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SMART® Technology for Suction Roll Applications

For the first time ever you can now:

  • Identify and improve CD moisture profile
  • Identify and improve sheet edge issues
  • Understand profile changes with Yankee dryer steam pressure and surface temperature changes
  • Monitor felt performance through out life
  • Integrate SMART® data with other process tracking systems
  • optimize roll cover and clothing life

Ideal for Tissue Applications 
Operates directly against your Yankee dryer and for the first time enables real-time correlation of:

  • Identify and improve CD moisture profile
  • Nip pressure vs. crepe and hand feel
  • nip pressure, nip width and MD pressure profile
  • Profile vs. Yankee pressure
  • Nip width vs. sheet properties
  • Influence of vacuum on pressure roll deflection

Available in All Suction Roll Single & Multi-nip Applications Nip pressure vs. crepe and hand feel

  • The ability to profile both nips in multi-nip applications
  • The ability to make crown or load corrections to achieve uniform nip profile

Dynamic 3-D MD and CMD nip width analysis, even on shoe presses!

SMART Technology, the world's first system for dynamic nip measurement, is now available with new functionality for use in more positions and applications.

Dynamically measures and displays: MD nip width, MD pressure profile, and CD pressure profile.

  • Enhanced connectivity software for mill DCS and PI systems
  • Supports multi-nip positions for unprecedented simultaneous analysis
  • Expanded pressure range enables installations from lumpbreakers and soft press nips to high intensity calender stacks
  • Applications on all paper grades
  • Dynamic battery status monitoring
  • Shoe press nip measurements
  • Enhanced user interface reports real-time nip width, historical trends, and standard deviation
Smart 5-screen Smart Shoepress2

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Customer Quotes:

"...for our company, SMART Roll has evolved into a production optimization and process tool, similar to the reel scanners, where process variation is evaluated and immediate action can be taken. This was simply impossible before SMART. I recommend evaluating SMART Roll on your paper machines, and experiencing firsthand how it might be a good fit to optimize your process."

"...our entire mill exclusively uses SMART Technology to control the presses on our machines. We no longer use the gauges on the control panel."

"...since adopting SMART Technology in our presses, we've eliminated the guesswork and trial and error when identifying and correcting issues. We have refocused SMART from a "trouble-shooting tool" to a key component of our standard process control intelligence."

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