Company Overview
Xerium Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Youngsville, North Carolina, is a global manufacturer and supplier of two types of consumable products used in paper production - machine clothing and roll covers for papermaking machines.

With a history dating back over two centuries, our machine clothing and roll covers play key roles in forming and processing paper. Clothing products are highly-engineered synthetic textile belts that transport paper through a paper-making machine as it is processed. Roll covers cover the large steel cylinders over which clothing is mounted and between which paper travels.

Both types of products are in constant contact with the paper and have a significant effect on its quality and the producer's ability to differentiate its products. Over time, both roll covers and clothing wear down and must be replaced regularly in order for paper producers to sustain high quality paper output and operate efficiently. Because paper-making machines vary widely in size and design, Xerium companies customize their clothing and roll cover products to each individual paper-making machine.

While machine clothing and roll covers represent only a small portion of the overall cost of paper production, Xerium's products allow paper producers to run their machine longer with less maintenance, run their machines faster with fewer interruptions, and reduce energy consumption. Xerium's on-going commitment to continuous improvement and innovative new products are focused on helping customers further reduce operating costs, improve paper quality, and get greater value from their paper-making machines.