Huyck.Wangner Overview
Huyck.Wangner, a brand of Xerium Technologies, Inc., includes in its range of products a complete line of
Forming Fabrics, Felts, and Dryer Fabrics for the Pulp and Paper market, Fibre-cement and
industrial applications (sugar and alcohol, ceramics, textile industries among others).

The company's philosophy is to be flexible and provide high-quality services and
high-performance products. For this reason, Huyck.Wangner is always tuned to its
customers' new needs in order to provide them with products that best meet such
needs and, as a support, the company has a technical assistance team to provide
follow-up services to its products.

With a cutting-edge technology in the manufacturing of Machine Clothing, Huyck.Wangner
is supported by 4 factories in Latin America and another 16 factories throughout the world - Germany,
Australia, Austria, Canada, Spain, United States, Italy and Japan.

With an increasing knowledge of technology, acquired throughout the years, Huyck.Wangner produces the
most sophisticated Machine Clothing that is required by the Global Pulp and Paper market.

Huyck.Wangner's success is not only associated to technology, but also to the company's concerns
with the well-being of its workers, in addition to the continuous
analysis and development of its products to provide its
customers with the best solutions.