Welcome to Huyck.Wangner

Huyck.Wangner is a leading manufacturer of Forming Fabrics, Felts, and Dryer Fabrics for the Pulp and Paper Industry in Latin America. As a major exporter, Huyck.Wangner has also been providing its products to several countries, always in compliance with strict quality standards for its services and products. The distribution of Huyck.Wangner products to other countries worldwide is carried out through its units in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania.

The Pulp and Paper industry represents one of the most important activities in the South American economy. The constantly growing papermaking sector is focused on boosting productivity and quality, as well as increasing the reduction of operating costs.

The constant modernization of Pulp and Paper Machinery and the resulting growth in productivity, with increasingly higher quality levels, require large investments from Machine Clothing manufacturers in the research and development of new technologies and products.

Currently, Huyck.Wangner has strong partnerships with the papermaking market, thus contributing to the development of new technologies and styles of Fabrics and Felts and resulting in the improvement of Pulp and Paper quality.

In tune with today's scenario of changes and new competitive demands, Huyck.Wangner works with flexible production schedules, optimization of work and research, reference database, in addition to constant investments in structure, equipment and personnel.